A Zero-Waste Wedding

As wedding vendors are trying to be more eco-conscious, sustainable wedding ideas are

A green wedding can combine gorgeous details minimizing your event’s carbon footprint!

Small changes on your wedding day can have a great environmental impact. Here are some ideas on how to have a beautiful, stylish yet eco-friendly wedding!

  1. Choose reusable glasses than single-use-plastic ones. It will certainly look much more elegant and not
    burden the environment. Use stylish glass and bamboo straws instead of
    the normal plastic ones.
  2. Τossing rice or confetti is a big tradition on a greek wedding day. Follow
    the tradition and be more environmentally-friendly with outstanding alternatives such as
    green leaves, dried flowers, and rose petals. Get ready for some stunning wedding
    pictures as you walk out of the church!
  3. Rent linen napkins instead of disposable ones, and create an elegant, zero-waste dinner table.
  4. Donate your flowers and dinner left-overs. There are many organizations or groups that can help
    you with that. Otherwise, arrange for them to be given to your friends and family!
  5. Use planted pots and succulents for your décor. You may offer them as a gift to your guests after
    the celebration. They are a great keep-sake and at the same time, you achieve the “flower look” without wasting a thing.
  6. Shop locally – this way you limit your event’s carbon footprint, you avoid international shipping fees and extra packaging waste!
  7. Serve a vegan wedding meal. The Mediterranean cuisine has a plethora of delicious alternatives to meat that your guests can enjoy!